Highland Lakes 

Farmers Market 

2017 Board of Director's 

President               Sandy Boutler      sandy@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

Vice President      Scott Wilbeck       scott@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

Secretary               Melodee Slade      melodee@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

Treasure                Julien Jamar         julien@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

​Board Member     Alex Payson          alex@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

Board Member     Rachel King          rachel@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

Board Member     Trevor Court         trevor@highlandlakesfarmersmarket.com

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The Board of Director's is made up of Members of the Highland Lakes Farmers Market.  You will find Farmers, Artisans, Customers, Business Owners all coming together to make this the best Farmers Market in the Highland Lakes.  

Board of Director meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting at 7:00pm at Numinous Coffee Roasters.

The public is always welcome to join us.